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Hey, welcome to the site.

My name is Mike and I have been an avid student of anything to do with mind control for years.

If you are anything like me then I’m sure you found this site because you’ve been searching around the internet looking for the best techniques to control your own mind and the minds of others.

Well, the first bit of advice I can give you is to get some REAL training which will teach you everything you need to know about the subject. Most people who want to learn this kind of stuff will spend months surfing around the internet looking for free information (this is exactly what I did) but you know what… This will not get you anywhere!!

I made this mistake for a long time and I basically learned nothing.

Looking back now I wish I had just paid for a some kind of online lessons right off the bat because since I have my skills have improved dramatically, my life has changed completely for the better and I feel like a new person.

I have purchased every bit of training there is online to help infleunce others.

Some of them are much better than others, and some of them are just rehashed methods found in hundreds of other books available to buy for half the price.

Now as I’ve said, I’ve been studying mind control techniques for years but the truth is in the last six month I have made the most progress and the reason why is because I found the absolute best course I have ever found.

The Top Site For 2014

The number one site that I would recommend is called Black Ops Hypnosis.

Now in case you are unfamiliar with the term “Black Ops”, what is basically means is “covert”, so this form of influence is completely under the radar and no one even knows that you’re doing anything. That’s how powerful it is.

So what do I like about it:

Over 18+ hours of powerful tactics to master. That’s right, you read that correctly, this site has got over 18 hours worth of training and it covers everything you could ever wish to know about controlling people.

The site is very organized and the training is laid out in a step by step format so it takes you right the way from beginner to expert over the duration of the course.

It covers everything you need to know about conversational hypnosis as well, so this means it saves you money because you will never need to buy any other course ever again.

The course has techniques for everything from building rock-solid confidence to secretly hypnotizing anyone in seconds. It literally covers so many topics it would take the whole page to list them all here.

The customer service is excellent and if you have any questions the author of the course emails back extremely quickly.

Verdict: Black Ops Hypnosiss is by far the best course out there to learn this stuff and it is extremely high quality. It’s perfect for everyone even if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. I have been a member for six months now and it is the only course I recommend.

Click Here To Check Out Black Ops Hypnosis

black-ops-hypnosis-banner-animatedLearning from an online training course is by far the best way in my opinion. The reason why is because you can go at your own pace. So if you choose to then you can learn Black Ops Hypnosis over a matter of days, or if you prefer then you can take it a bit slower and learn over a few weeks.

Many people these days are opting to these kind of techniques and skills from the comfort of their own home rather than attending some training seminar or something because not only is it a hell of a lot cheaper (expect to pay $1000+ for a seminar) but it’s also a lot more effective because you can take your time, and even rewind the lessons if you need to.

Not only that, but I have heard from the Black Ops Hypnosis site that this training is extremely exclusive and a training seminar doesn’t even exist.

Anyway, with that in mind I have been to seminars in the past and you just spend days taking notes and never really learn anything.

As I’ve said before, it covers so many topics, and you should definitely check it out.